Let us trespass into the shadows, the darkest places where nightmares hide. Are you brave enough to face your demons in order to break on through to the other side of fear? Do you trust that the strange and unusual seek to bring you to the depths of insanity, to drive you to insight, pushing you towards fight or flight?

As you make your way through the darkness, you won't be the same person who walked into it. You might run kicking and screaming back the way you came from, back towards that beautiful lie. You may become all-consumed by the void, unable to escape the dark night of your soul. Or maybe, you surrender to the darkest night, trusting your instinct as you travel through the painful truths screaming at you, and discover an inner light that illuminates all the corners where the shadows and monsters hide, burning away the nightmares as you journey through the dark landscape. 

This is an invitation into the darkness. How you will come out the other end is entirely up to you.

Killer Reviews.

Enter a crypt of commentary on the creative expressions of the macabre that are portrayed through movies, television, books, podcasts, artists, products and more. Spoilers: read at your own risk.


Stranger Than Fiction.

Reality can bite down and tear at the seams of our sanity. And when that veil unravels, the tales we walk away with can be more bizarre than anything our imagination could invoke. These are true accounts of the strange. 


Faces and Places.

Nightmares are made of this. From mythos and urban legends, to haunted destinations and leery locations; discover the (former) people, places and things that go bump and boo in the night. 


Morbid Curiosities.

Here lies the diary of a madwoman, a vault of encounters with the grim. Creep through a mausoleum of grave matters, wicked inspiration and explorations of the shadowy kind. Dreadfully yours, Screamstress.