Some Days, Someday

Photo Credit: Tina Gunn, Lost and Found in Alaska

Photo Credit: Tina Gunn, Lost and Found in Alaska


Some days, I’m drowning in your memory. 
Someday, I’ll learn to swim for higher ground.

Some days, I dwell in the past where I can find you.
Someday, I’ll live in the moment of your present spirit.

Some days, the grief makes my knees buckle.
Someday, love will strengthen my stance.

Some days, I put your song on repeat.
Someday, I’ll hum a renewed tune. 

Some days, I want to scream bloody murder.
Someday, I’ll make peace and I’ll mend.

Some days, my nightmares swallow me whole. 
Someday, you’ll be lucid in my dreams.

Some days, I collapse into bed indefinitely. 
Someday, I’ll rise and greet a new day. 

Some days, I die a slow death. 
Someday, I’ll come back to life.

Some days, I resent our separated bodies.
Someday, our twin souls will reunite. 

Some days, I ache from all things left unsaid.
Someday, we’ll never leave anything unspoken. 

Some days, I grieve the lost chance to say goodbye. 
Someday, I’ll remember how many times we’ve said hello.

Some days, I regret how we scripted things.
Someday, we’ll write our new story. 

Some days are only bearable because
Someday we’ll meet again.